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In the lab...

In the lab...
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Posted by Jason Derulo
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Isi Gattini's picture

Jason get well soon! Come to Chile <3 :D

Sarah Gibson's picture

get well soon babyboy.

Ivie Odia's picture

get well soon may god give you the strength to keep making beautiful music like breathing for the future

Mihail Stoyanov's picture

Get well soon!!! I would love to hear more songs with background voices as the ones in Breathing!!! This song is the best EVER!!!

Zeinab Altaher's picture

get well soon jason...
i love you so much

Timesha's picture

omg, i cant stop crying... sorry. anyway, get well soon jay, and p.s. i love ya lots

miimaxd's picture

lol.. cute pic

Kristers Znotins's picture

omg i gonna miss u i win the 1st in school dancing whit song breathing i love u.we all don't wanna lost you we all love you.Get well we need you on stage.i'm sick of your music your music is so cool!

notequisaiment's picture

bon courage jason

Delaney's picture

I love ya baby! Get well soon. Ridin Solo all the way babe!!!!!! I have all your CDs and my fav song is The Sky is the Limit and Ridin Solo. Get well soon Jason and i love ya

derulsbabe's picture

as cute as always, LOVE YOU JASON, get well soon my idol

Emmett's picture

get well soon jason because you are my favourite artist and I can't wait to see you on stage

Martttus's picture

I love youre tatto

notequisaiment's picture

hello jason bon courage et bonne semaine

i3jason.d's picture

Awwies I feel bad....Hopefully you get better real fast :) Your strong and bitch your a star :PPPP hang in der :P

Laura ♥♥♥♥.'s picture

Hope you are getting better Jason (-: Loooove you ??????.


Please Get well Jason and by the way loveing the brace and bliged up fle but i cant wait to see it off of you Hope You Get BETTER :)

Carina's picture

Eiii, i came from Portugal about a month ago and i really hope i can see your concert before i go back :) it's like... i have more chances to see your concert in NY than in Portugal! LOL

Get weeeeell!