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I fractured my neck doing tumbling & acrobatics 4 tour! Always tryin 2 push boundaries 4 YOU!

I fractured my neck doing tumbling & acrobatic...
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Posted by Jason Derulo
Average: 5 (1 vote)


Melanie Robinson's picture

Was about to buy tickets for your concert when I heard your accident was so upset wishing that I can get tickets for your next concert. Glad that the cast is off. Definitely the BEST SINGER in the world!!!! <3

VictoriaCane's picture

glad that cast is off you! im your biggest fan i hope you know that;) and i hope you do some tours soon as im missing you!!!

StephanieIceballaGross's picture

I am glad the cast is off and you have healed. <3

John Glenn's picture

- How Did You Get This What Happened ?

Mauric Piontek's picture

hihihihihi LOL FAIL

Joshua Mawien's picture

Get well soon Jason :)!

Fridaaa's picture

Get well Jason!
I had come to your concert in Sweden in Stockholm, see you next time instead!

Then i will fix VIP tickets! I Love You! / Jag Älskar Dig! :)

BiggestxFan's picture

Beterschap Jason!!

Timesha's picture

every time i see this pic it makes me cry. thats how much i love you jason. and get well soon. love ya lots...

miimaxd's picture

im sorr Jay .. hope u fell better get well soon...:)

Teresa Lara's picture

Mis mejores deseos!!!

TajJohnson's picture

Get well soon Jason!! Can't wait until you come to Australia !! We Luuuvv U !!! Love from Alira and Natjassia

Caroline Monteiro de Paula's picture


spicer's picture

i really wanna see more of you

spicer's picture

get well quick pls

Sena_xD's picture

I hope you are better soon and you can return impedances :D thanks for all the good musik

EmilyTakeYoOut15's picture

I hope you start feeling better :) Thanks for the music

Amanda Ratti's picture

I hope you stay well !
Kisses, we love youuuu !
Amanda Ratti, Portugal-Lisbon ?

Concepcion Hernandez's picture

get well jason....

Rohven Dharshan's picture

Get well soon Jason Derulo :-) Love your songs

Sandeepika Rajendran's picture

get well soon jason...

i3jason.d's picture

Bitch your a star dont give up :P! Get better

tati123's picture

“May the love hidden deep inside your heart find the love waiting in your dreams. May the laughter that you find in your tomorrow wipe away the pain you find in your yesterdays.”

tati123's picture

Get better Im always praying

Shauntrell's picture

I pray you stay strong and continue to be positive through this shortcoming...we all have downfalls...just as long as you get back in the game it'll be completely worth going through. (Your testimony) Get well soon Jason! Much love from one of your many supporters!

Victor Christopher's picture

oh no!!! hope you get better your biggest fan victor christopher

Weedee Lec's picture

get well jd u my no.1 roll model i broke my foot when i was 9 trying to dance like u u can dance mate
never stop singing u are the best at it xx get well

Jennifer Garcia's picture

Aww You Will Always Be In My Head

stephanie_15's picture

I hope you're doin ok I have broken my arm when I was like 6 so I know it hurts. Just keep doin what you do. Your music is AMAZING!!!!

NicoleNum1JD's picture

Get Well Soon Jason Yur A Legend And Yur Amazinq. Your My All Time Favourite Singer Yur Like Da BEST . I Love All Yur Songz Especially Breathing . I Love You Loadz Yur Moves Are Awesome And Keep Up With The Good Music . Yur Bigest Fan Nicole