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Experimentation with no limitation #roadtorecovery

Experimentation with no limitation #roadtorecovery
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Posted by Jason Derulo
Average: 5 (3 votes)


alilovesbubbles's picture

glad to see that your on the road to recovery :) ... loveyou <3 x

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our lovely that you were playing piano jason derulo

notequisaiment's picture

yes good ply piano and inspire it with this situation you have now and inspirations texts , i see jason behind piano who talk him lui dit , come to begin another part of you another song another what you think you read les notes sur le clavier le rythme s'élance comme un battement de coeur i 'm not very good in english i améliore haha good week !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Gibson's picture

glad your on your road to recovery.
i love you. :) you look beautiful.

JasonIsAwesome's picture

Get better:) I need to fill up more brand new songs from you so keep it up:) Fight For You!!!!

PaulEmeMusic's picture

Get well soon and good luck brother!
We need you in the music!!
I'll wait to good news...
It's for you, enjoy it.
Regards from Spain!
Paul Eme.

Dorina Constantin's picture

get well soon Jason!!!!...

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Good to see you working despite your conditions! keep it up! #success

Bryan Bruce's picture

itz good 2 see u up and around, jason, luv all ur songs, and wish tha best for u and ur career, hope itz going we'll, so take care from:Bryan Bruce

teresa ferrer's picture

goodluck jason have a nice day

notequisaiment's picture

super new nouveau tempo mesures laisse ton inspiration s'emporter courage pour ton cou

Hunters mom's picture

My son broke his neck in a sports injury two weeks after you, hangmans fracture same Miami collar...
have been trying to connect for support, it is a tough road to recovery ....

Reshmi's picture

thats a gud one...

Pernille's picture

Today it is 5 days since I should have been to Jason Detulo concert :'-( that sooooo sad! :-( I hope you soon feel better ... so you can come to Denmark

Valerie Pierre-Louis's picture

This will be the only instrument I will ever play for the rest of my life.