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Future History


  • Future History

    Average: 4.7 (131 votes)
    1. Don't Wanna Go Home
    2. It Girl
    3. Breathing
    4. Be Careful
    5. Make It Up As We Go
    6. Fight For You
    7. Pick Up The Pieces
    8. Givin' Up
    9. That's My Shhh
    10. X
    11. Dumb
Average: 4.7 (131 votes)
Release date: 
March 24, 2012
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tyrex's picture


m.c_HAMMER15's picture

Fight for You. Best song about fighting for someone you love :)

SasankKollipara's picture

my... fav..sng dont wanna go home,,,and pick up the pieces.....

queenrain60's picture

thats my shitt my fav song ! love jason!

GiddyYoungKime's picture

bleed out is the best

Isistoro's picture

I agree!!! :)

ngabo clarkson's picture

hi there jason

MumuDerulo21345's picture

I love givin' up the most. <3

KübraGüvenç's picture

Breathing <3

koss's picture

I like you, I'm your big fairies and my friends

koss's picture

you're the best singer :D

MumuDerulo21345's picture

I live the whole album!! :) <3

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darshanwacky's picture

jason u alwayz rockk...keep rockin ...b undefeated

emilygleco's picture

#9 Bleed Out***
best cd ever<33(:

razvan_lovemqn93's picture

the best artist.. in the world i love this man :x

ImADeruler96's picture

I love Breathing, Don't Wanna Go Home, Pick Up the Pieces, It Girl, Fight For You, and sooo much more. I love almost all your songs basically You are just a great guy with a great spirit. That is all. <3

agol weiu's picture

Jason Derulo yu are the man. No one will ever match the way yu do yo stuff. i love yo music man. Keep the fire burning.
the best of the bests jason d

Jason your an amazing singer, your soo talented and I love your album so so much <3 Good luck for the future xxxxx

Soso's picture

happy to see u in Rwanda. luv u!!!!!!

ŚalahĔxclusiveßoy's picture

the best of the bests jason d

alidinc's picture

unbeliveable song!!

Aaron.L's picture

is there going to be a new album?

HoussamKataloni's picture

jaSon derULo issss the best 4 ever

HoussamKataloni's picture

jaSoN DeRuLo isssssssss ThE BeSt 4 EvEr

JuliaWarEs's picture

It Girl <3

JuliaWarEs's picture

i love you

cmzizi's picture

Jason Derulo yu are the man. No one will ever match the way yu do yo stuff. i love yo music man. Keep the fire burning. You are "IT MAN"

smooth-boy's picture

when do you have a new album? i have already 5 cd's from you
ilove you music zo muche its a part of my live now

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Giu_Derulo's picture

I'm your fan! I love you!! Please come to brazil ! <3